Hyundai Veloster

The new Hyundai Veloster is a compact sports car based on the prototype with the same name, which we saw in 2007 at the Seoul Motor Show. Its official launch on January 10, 2010 in Detroit, reveals the clear influence of the prototype in this new model for the Korean brand.


We are near a war in the sport compact segment today, as the Volkswagen Scirocco, the Megane Coupe and others to come as the new Astra GTC.


The difference in this is your content will price far below their rivals at the same power level and equipment. Share platform and Accent turbo engine and equipped with a box of six-speed dual clutch.


The new Veloster features engines 138CV power between 200hp and later. This model Hyundai Accent replaced in the U.S. and the Shark, while Europe will slip as a sporty compact car.


About the design of the new model from Hyundai, this retains about 80 % of the design of the prototype, thus ensuring a sporty and aggressive line. It also has a special feature, and it will feature a single door on the driver's side and two on the contrary, by providing access to the rear. It will certainly be one of the highlights of 2011 cars.

Prices and photos

At that site you can find photos and the price for this model. Here you have all the information that you need if you're interested on this car.

Engines and technology

Here we show you the main  engines that Hyundai Veloster equips for their cars. For European car, the main engine is diesel, but for USA Veloster includes a powerful gasoline engine.

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